A central vacuum system is a cleaning system placed in a remote part of the home, such as the garage, and removes dust and debris from the home by sending them through pipes installed inside walls then deposits the dirt particles in a central collection container. Laser Electrical Albany provides design and installation of central vacuum systems, servicing customers in all areas north of the Harbour Bridge.

There are many advantages to having a central vacuum system. A central vacuum system makes cleaning your home much easier as there are no bags to empty, no electrical cords to plug in and no heavy equipment to drag around the house. It also improves the indoor air quality as it reduces the trigger of common allergies by carrying dirt, dust particles and mites away from your home, using a series of pipes located within the wall and ceiling cavities to the main unit. And as the main motor unit is located in a remote area of your house, noise is reduced in the living area.

A central vacuum system can be easily incorporated into your new home and these systems can also be retrofitted to most existing homes. If you are planning your new home or home renovation project, consider the benefits of having a central vacuum system installed.

Laser Electrical Albany are fully qualified installers of central vacuum systems. Contact us to discuss your requirements.